Residential Permit

Residential Permit is easily obtained for persons living in Cyprus, who have purchased property.

Temporary Permit: The granting of this permit requires the existence of a bank account in Cyprus and a sales agreement of the property purchased. Temporary residence status can be from one to four years.

Permanent Permit: In addition to the above requirements, the applicant must establish evidence of a secured annual income of not less than € 9.570 per person plus € 4.615 for each dependant person. (Because of the entry of Cyprus to the EU, it is possible that for Europeans the law in respect of permits will change.)

Non-Cypriots wishing to take up employment in Cyprus are required to have a permit under the Aliens and Immigration Law.

Temporary residence is easy to obtain once the applicant fulfils certain requirements. To apply for temporary residence a visit to the local immigration office should be arranged and produce the following documents
• A certificate from a local bank stating that the applicant is a holder of an external account at that bank and stating the balance of the account. Obviously, the larger the balance, the more favorably the applicant will be seen
• Passport
• 4 photos
• € 34,17
• Copy Sales Contract